Answering Questions About Ketamine Addiction Recovery

There are many powerful drugs that have the power to take over a person's life through addiction. Ketamine is one of the strongest drugs that is used in a recreational setting, and it should not be surprising to learn that patients struggling with addiction to this drug will face a long recovery. However, there are treatment options and solutions available for individuals that are wanting to retake control of their life from their Ketamine addiction. Read More 

Two Signs That You Might Have A Sinus Infection

If you've never been diagnosed with a sinus infection it can be hard to tell when you actually have one. Many of the symptoms look and feel just like what you would have with the common cold so it's difficult to determine if what you're dealing with is actually something more serious. Take a moment to observe yourself and if any of the following signs seem to be happening you might need to pay a visit to your doctor. Read More 

4 Signs You May Have Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can be caused by different factors, from your genes to your level of sun exposure. People with fair skin and a family history of skin cancer are more likely to develop this condition. Skin cancer is treatable with favorable outcomes if you catch it early. Here are four signs you may have skin cancer: 1. Asymmetrical Moles Healthy, benign moles are symmetrical in shape. They're round with smooth edges, and they tend to be one even color throughout. Read More 

Varicose Veins Aren’t Just Cosmetic

Many people avoid wearing shorts or skirts because they are self-conscious about the appearance of their legs. Varicose veins can be unsightly, but they can also contribute to the development of more serious health conditions. The cosmetic component of varicose veins should take a back seat to the more serious health implications that can come along with these types of veins. Skin Changes Varicose veins have the potential to permanently change your skin. Read More 

Emergency Signs To Look For When Blood Is In Your Stool

Most people understand when they are experiencing a medical emergency. Uncontrollable bleeding, severe pain, and long-term diarrhea are all signs of a severe medical problem. However, there are some other signs that may not be so clear. This is true of blood in the stool. Keep reading to learn about a few things that you should look at or consider when you see blood in your stool. The Color Blood in the stool can be scary and overwhelming. Read More