3 Treatment Approaches For Meningiomas

Although every brain tumor is cause for concern, meningiomas are by far the most common, but often the easiest to treat. If you have been diagnosed with a meningioma, there are several treatment approaches that may be used, such as: Early-Stage Treatments In some cases, meningiomas are diagnosed in an early stage, often because the tumor was found haphazardly when diagnosing another condition. For example, frequent headaches may warrant a CT scan to rule-out severe problems, but a meningioma may be found although it is unrelated to the symptoms. Read More 

Signs That A Loved One Needs Memory Care

If you have a loved one who has reached their golden years, they may have decided to move into an assisted living facility. Residing in an assisted living facility gives seniors the best of both worlds:  They can still retain their independence because they have their own apartments and can essentially come and go as they please. Along with their freedom, they will also be surrounded by medical assistance should they happen to need help with something. Read More 

How To Treat A Herniated Disc Without Invasive Surgery

A herniated disc occurs when the soft tissues of intervertebral discs bulge through their tougher shell and cause nerve irritation. While some people are lucky and may not have any symptoms, many people with herniated discs experience pain, weak limbs, numbness, and muscle spasms. While severe herniated discs may require surgery, some people can self-treat the problem. The body can heal through resorption. During resorption, circulation in the affected area will increase, and your bloodstream will absorb the bulging tissue to repair itself. Read More