Colonoscopies: Get ‘Er Done!

If you are over the age of 50, doctors recommend getting a colonoscopy every ten years. This may come as a surprise since turning 50 is hard enough without an awkward medical procedure. However, there are many reasons why getting a colonoscopy early is a great idea. A colonoscopy is when a medical doctor takes a camera and puts it into your colon, examining the walls of your large intestine. While it can be uncomfortable, here are a few reasons why you should get one. 

Preventative Is Covered

Once you pass 50, it may seem like your body is falling apart. This understanding can take us to a lot of doctors, though they are generally not the most exciting people to see. Doctors sometimes pretend to be our friends, though friends don't usually hurt people like doctors do sometimes. In addition to occasionally painful visits, doctors' bills can be quite expensive. Fortunately, most insurance companies cover preventative services. Thus, people who take their health seriously can actually save quite a bit of money by paying attention to how long it's been since prior visits and which services are covered when. 

Early Diagnosis

Imagine that you have had digestive issues lately. Perhaps you have been experiencing a long bout of diarrhea. Sadly (but understandably), no one really wants to hear about that, though it can actually become quite serious. So, what do you do? You suffer in silence. Instead of talking to your doctor, you hide in your bathroom. By simply getting a colonoscopy, there are a lot of medical issues that can be treated early. Constant diarrhea can be a sign of colon cancer, though the earlier it is caught, the better off the individual will eventually end up. Get a colonoscopy. Get it early, allowing for an early diagnosis. It could save your life. 

Get It Done

Everyone has to get a colonoscopy done sometime, so why not just get it over with? Instead of wandering around, hoping that someone is paying attention to the symptoms you are experiencing and trying to put it all together, get a colonoscopy done for solid answers. If you grow up to be a healthy centenarian, you will never look back and wish you hadn't gotten a colonoscopy. Live with no regrets. 

In conclusion, once you hit 50, there really is no reason to put off a colonoscopy. Schedule your appointment today to ensure that you are taking proper care of yourself. 

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