Don’t Let Addictions Destroy Your Teen: How To Tell If Your Teen Is Dealing With An Opiate Addiction

If you have a teen, you need to be concerned about opiate addictions. It used to be that the biggest drug concern parents needed to have was marijuana use. However, marijuana is no longer the only drug being abused by teenagers. There's a new drug in town, and it's more devastating than marijuana ever one. The new addiction to be concerned with is an opiate addiction. Unfortunately, opiate addiction doesn't involve just one drug. Read More 

How A Physical Therapist Can Help You Prevent Sports Injuries

As someone who plays sports, it might be a good idea for you to work with a physical therapist who has experience in working with athletes and those who have sports-related injuries. In fact, working with one of these professionals can actually help you avoid injuring yourself while playing sports or exercising. Here's how. Heal Properly from Existing Injuries First of all, if you have existing sports injuries, it's a good idea for you to see a physical therapist for a few reasons. Read More 

3 Reasons to Go to an Urgent Care Facility Instead of the Emergency Room

If you find yourself dealing with a health concern outside of regular business hours for your doctor, you might think that your only option is to head to the emergency room. If you are dealing with a true emergency, this is probably your best choice. However, in many cases, an urgent care facility is a better option. These are three reasons why. 1. You May Not Have to Wait as Long Read More 

3 Tips for Meeting Your New Family Doctor

Whether you're just getting settled in a new town, changed your health insurance or just want another physician, meeting new family doctors is something you'll do often in your life. Many people treat this as a perfunctory experience, but when you've got the opportunity to talk for the first time with the doctor seeing your family, you might want to follow these specific instructions. Discuss Health Goals An important detail to talk through with new family doctors is your hope that you'll lose weight for an upcoming event or the desire to eat in a healthier fashion. Read More 

Has Your Doctor Ordered An EKG? 3 Steps You Should Take To Prepare For The Test

If your doctor has ordered you to have an EKG, there's nothing to be alarmed about. Your doctor just wants to make sure that the qrs complexes of your EKG traces are normal, and that you're not experiencing any heart-related medical issues. In most cases, your EKG will only take a few minutes, and they'll be able to perform the test right in the doctors' office. However, there may be times when the doctor has you go to the hospital, or to another doctors office for the test. Read More