Prescribed Erectile Dysfunction Medication: Keys To Taking It Correctly

If you have erectile dysfunction, you may get prescribed medication as a treatment. To get the most out of it consistently, here are several things you'll want to do.

Get the Right Prescription First

The first thing you need to do when treating ED with medication is find the right type. There are a couple of options that vary in formula, so you need to make sure the right medication is prescribed to you in the beginning.

You'll need to see a urologist to go over the list of available prescription medications that you can take today. They'll look at your overall health and particular problems with getting an erection. Then they can give you a specific recommendation that you can trust will help you deal with this problem in a healthy, effective manner. 

See How Long Effects Are Supposed to Last

So that you can use ED prescription medication safely each time, you need to find out how long it's supposed to last. This can vary based on the type of medication you take and your physical makeup. 

Once you find out this length of time, you can monitor your symptoms better to make sure they're not abnormal. If you did have an erection for a lot longer than you were supposed to, you'll know to seek help from a medical professional. Whereas if the erection goes away when it was projected to, you know everything is fine, and you can go about your day.

Up Your Dose if Necessary

For some men, the original prescription they get to treat ED isn't enough to give them an erection. If this ever happens to you, make sure you consult with your urologist and see if upping your dose is the correct measure.

You may need something stronger to get an erection that you're able to maintain when intimate with your spouse or partner. Just make sure you're honest with them about the dose you used and the effects it ultimately had or didn't have. The urologist can then adjust your prescription accordingly and help you deal with erection issues once and for all.

If you can't get an erection on a consistent basis as a male, it may be time to consider prescription medication. As long as you take the right type and do the right things with this medicine, erection problems won't constantly affect your life in a negative manner.

For more information about prescribed ED medication, contact a doctor.