Navigating The Holidays While Undergoing Addiction Recovery

Struggling with addiction and recovery is often challenging even when everything in your life is optimal. With the approaching holiday season, you may be worried about the added stress and changes to your daily routine. It is best to plan and know what coping mechanisms you can use to confidently manage your recovery through the holidays. Getting in contact with a substance abuse recovery information center can also help. 

Be Honest About Your Triggers

The holidays are best known for a time of togetherness. Families gather in celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. Of course, that often means the availability of plenty of alcoholic beverages. Speak with your family members ahead of time about your triggers. If alcohol is a trigger for you to drink or to use illegal substances, ask that they refrain from having alcoholic beverages while you are visiting.

Not shockingly, December is the month that experiences some of the biggest alcohol sales. Data shows that 2019 alcohol sales increased from $13.67 billion in November to $16.14 billion as of December. Alcohol is a substance that many people in recovery cannot be around. Even if the person is recovering from drug use, alcohol can still be triggering because it can lead to poor decision-making and potential relapse.

Have Someone You Can Trust

Be sure and have the contact information of someone you can trust on hand. The person you trust can be a friend, a family member, or even a professional advocate. A substance abuse recovery information center can help you find an advocate that you can reach out to when needed. The holidays are often stressful, which can lead to relapse if you are not careful.

While there are many positive emotions experienced during the holidays, stress is still a factor to consider. In fact, a survey shows that 20% of respondents reported feeling stressed often during the holidays and 61% reported feeling stressed often/sometimes during the holidays. If you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed, do not be afraid to take a step back and let someone you trust know how you are feeling.

Many professionals understand that the holidays can have a negative impact on addicts who are in recovery. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you reach out and speak to someone before things get out of hand. Prepare yourself for the possibility that stress may become a factor during the holiday season by reaching out to an addiction recovery information center for additional help.

Contact a local substance abuse recovery information center to learn more.