Three Benefits Of Regular Stretching For Employees

Stretching is often overlooked despite the many benefits that it can offer people of all ages, races, and genders. Optional programs that encourage employees to stretch on a regular basis can be beneficial for both the company and the employees themselves. If you are responsible for a team or business and are interested in what kinds of perks stretching might offer, then here is a look at three.

Improves the Mind

When people think about improving memory and brainpower, oftentimes thoughts drift towards things such as doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku. While these may have their own benefits, there is a lot of evidence pointing towards physically stretching being surprisingly beneficial, too.

People who incorporated regular stretching into their daily lives experience a boost in memory and cognition. Stretching encourages blood flow, raises one's heart rate temporarily, and stimulates nerves that go directly from the brain to the rest of the body. Your employees may forget things less often and may focus more readily with regular stretching on the job.

Steady as She Goes

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of stretching is the impact it has on the body. While stretching can't offer benefits, such as major muscle strengthening, it is perfectly capable of helping to tone muscles and can encourage blood flow to those areas, improving flexibility. Whether your employees are up and about throughout the day or stuck in desk chairs, getting them to stretch can help to prevent muscle stiffness, soreness, back pain, and falls on-site. This may result in fewer absences and sick days due to pain or injuries.

Prevents Illnesses

These days, it is becoming more and more obvious that sitting for extended periods of time is not healthy. Sitting for extended periods has been connected to illnesses, such as blood clots, certain cancers, and even diabetes. Encouraging your employees to continue moving around as much as possible is one way to help reduce this risk, but stretching can also help. Unfortunately, these problems can lead to absences from work or even employees quitting if they are no longer able to perform their job after developing a condition like these.

Keeping your employees healthy will benefit them and you alike. Stretching takes only a few minutes a day, and with a workplace stretching program, you can ensure that your employees are engaging in habits that will help to improve your business all around.