Administering Pet Medication Driving You Crazy? Talk to a Compounding Pharmacy!

If you have ever had to give your pet medication, you know what a hassle it can be. For example, hiding a pill in your dog's food without him noticing can be hard, and getting a cat to eat something that they are unsure about is basically impossible. Fortunately, there are compounding pharmacies that can alter your animal's medication to make it more alluring to them, greatly improving the overall experience for you and your pet. There are several ways that a compounding pharmacy could alter your pet's medication including but not limited to the following.

Combining Medications

While some animals need just one pill a day, others may need several to keep them running in top condition. However, giving pill after pill can be challenging, since your pet may begin to understand what you are trying to give them. Some pets even start to distrust their owner, making the process even harder. Fortunately, a compounding pharmacy may be able to combine multiple medications into one capsule. Instead of multiple pills, you can offer just one a day, like a treat that your pet will look forward to. 

Alluring Flavors

Sometimes medications can be quite bitter and hard to swallow. If you find that your animal spits out their pills or throws them up after ingesting them, they may not be able to stomach the taste. Compounding pharmacies can actually alter the flavor of your pet's medications, making them something that they will actually want to eat. For example, compounding pharmacies may be able to add a meat flavor to your dog's pills, or a salmon flavor to your cat's meds. If you know that there is a specific flavor that your animal goes crazy over, see if the pharmacy has it available!

Altering Formulation

If pills are hard for your animal to swallow, you will be happy to know that there may be other options. For example, your pharmacy may be able to compound a pill into a soft chew or a liquid suspension. If your animal will not take anything orally, the pharmacy may even be able to make it into a gel or ointment! Talk to your compounding pharmacy about different options available to you.

In conclusion, compounded pet medications can help your pet to feel better and also potentially improve your relationship with your animal by making the administration process easier. If you and your pet have been struggling through administering medications day after day, talk to a compounding pharmacy about options for their medications. You and your pet will both be glad you did!