4 Tips For Feeling Stylish In Your Scrubs

If you work in a medical environment that requires you to wear scrubs daily, you can take steps that will help ensure that you look great and feel good in your scrubs.

1. Choose Scrub Colors That Match Your Skin Tone

When it comes to choosing the colors for your scrubs, you will want the colors to look good on you. Think about colors that you wear in your everyday life that match your skin tone and don't wash you out. You want the color of your scrubs to give your face a warm tone; you want them to brighten up your face. Stick to colors that you know look good with your skin tone.

2. Keep Things Matching

You are going to want to keep your scrubs matching. If you choose a print top, go with a solid color on the bottom that matches one of the primary colors on the top. Or if you wear printed bottoms, wear a solid top that matches with a color in the printed bottom. Solid-colored matching scrubs on the top and bottom also always work. You can still look stylish and coordinated in your scrubs with a little effort.

3. Get the Right Style

Not all scrubs are the same. Scrubs come in different styles, and those different styles work well with different body types.

If you are slim on the top, scrubs that are gathered or ruffled will add some volume to your frame without overwhelming you. If you are top-heavy, go for an open collar neck that will give you the room you need on top. If you have a bigger stomach area, go for scrub tops that are longer and go over your hips; this will help smooth things out in the front. Choose a style that will compliment your overall body type; try out a few styles until you find the right one.

4. Layer Up

Finally, many places will allow you to layer under your scrubs. For example, you can add a camisole for more coverage all around. Or wear a long-sleeve athletic top to keep warm. Choose underlayers that feel comfortable with your scrubs. Layering can help make your outfit more complete and can make everything feel more comfortable. 

When it comes to feeling comfortable in your scrubs, keeping the style in mind is essential. Choose colors that match your skin tone, match prints with solids, get a style that fits your body, and layer up for a more complete look. Contact a company that sells women's scrubs to learn more.