Two Signs That You Might Have A Sinus Infection

If you've never been diagnosed with a sinus infection it can be hard to tell when you actually have one. Many of the symptoms look and feel just like what you would have with the common cold so it's difficult to determine if what you're dealing with is actually something more serious. Take a moment to observe yourself and if any of the following signs seem to be happening you might need to pay a visit to your doctor.

The Pressure Behind Your Ears Is Very Uncomfortable

Unless you're familiar with anatomy, it could come as a surprise to you to learn just how interconnected your nasal cavities and the structure of your face and ears happens to be. The Eustachian tube is part of the pathway which keeps everything connected. This tube runs just between your nose and middle ear. It's there to equalize the pressure that occurs in the middle of your ear.

The problem is that during a sinus infection this tube often fills up with fluid. You'll know this is happening because you start to feel a very uncomfortable fullness or pressure just behind the ears. It's easy for that discomfort to turn into pain if you aren't able to find some way to get rid of the pressure. Going to see a physician can help you find relief so you won't have to go through the day feeling so congested.

Bodily Fatigue Just Won't Seem To Go Away

Sinus infections rarely leave their mark on your nasal cavities alone. A sinus infection has the ability to leave you feeling downright tired and overly fatigued. Fatigue is a hallmark sign that you aren't dealing with your average cold. What you could have on your hands is a full-blown sinus infection.

It's hard to go to work or take care of your children when you don't feel up to par. The fatigue that comes with a sinus infection can make you feel drained and sluggish, almost as if you just can't find the energy to pull yourself out of bed and get it all done. When fatigue threatens your everyday life you definitely need to seek out professional care.

Getting better when you have a sinus infection starts with recognizing what the issue really is. When these signs show up it's time to get yourself to a medical professional and let them nurse you back to life.