Tips For Preparing For A Laser Hair Removal Appointment

You'll commonly feel a combination of excitement and relief once you book your first appointment to see a laser hair removal specialist. This is especially true if you've tried a variety of methods to remove hair from your body, but have had mixed results. The idea of having select areas of your body sleek and smooth and no longer having to fuss with home-based hair removal strategies is exciting. Even as you eagerly anticipate your appointment, you need to prepare in the right manner to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips for preparing for your first laser hair removal treatment.

Don't Wax Your Hair

If you've grown accustomed to removing hair in select areas of your body through waxing, you'll need to stop this activity as your laser hair removal appointment gets closer. Because waxing — as well as tweezing and other similar strategies — pulls each hair out by its root, it can be difficult or impossible for your laser hair removal specialist to treat areas that have been waxed. If you want the area to have a clean look as the appointment approaches, shave any hair with a razor. This way, the hair will appear to be gone, but the roots will still be present.

Avoid Getting Too Much Sun

The process of getting your body hair removed with a laser can irritate your skin a little, although this discomfort is generally quick to fade afterward. You don't want your skin to be sensitive in advance of the appointment. Mainly, this means staying out of the sun so that your skin isn't burnt. You'll also want to forgo any visits to a tanning center that you may have been considering.

Take Photos Of The Area

Although it's not necessary, you might enjoy taking some photos of the area(s) that you're going to have treated. You're likely getting laser hair removal because of the hassle of managing your body hair in a given area. For example, after you shave your armpit, you might be discouraged to notice that you already have a bit of stubble the following day. It can be fun to take a photo of this area the day that you shave it and in the next couple days, and then compare the results. Then, once you've completed your laser hair removal sessions, you can look at the area and review the photos to notice just how clean the area is — even weeks after your last session.