3 Ways To Work Out Your Brachial Plexus After An Injury

If you have injured your brachial plexus, the nerves that go from your neck down to your arm, you need to work on strengthening your brachial plexus. It is easy to work out your brachial plexus and you don't need any special equipment to do so. Here are three easy ways to stretch out your brachial plexus and strength it as well. If you are seriously injured, be sure to work with your doctor as well.

#1 Neck Stretching

You need to be able to move your neck if you want to improve your brachial plexus. You need to be able to move your neck from one side to the other. You also need to be able to look over your shoulder in both direction as well as tilt your head backwards. You should make sure that your neck is flexible before pushing onto other physical therapy exercises.

Stretching out your neck is simple. Sit down and lean up against a wall. The wall will provide you with additional support. The way that you do these exercises depends on if your brachial plexus injury is on the left or right side of your body.

You need to turn your head in the opposite direction of your injury. So if your brachial plexus is tight on the left side, turn your head to the right and vice versa. Place your hand against your head to keep it in place. This should be the hand on the side of your body that is injured. Hold your head in place and take some deep breaths. You are going to want to hold your head in place and make sure that your elbow is flat against the wall, not sticking out. Hold this position for thirty second, relax and then repeat this ten times for a complete set.

#2 Shoulder Shrugs

Shoulder shrugs are a great exercise because they can be done both sitting down and standing up. You can do shoulder shrugs just about anywhere, so you can fit them in during your daily activities.

With shoulder shrugs, make sure that your head is straight. Pay attention to the position of your chin as well. It should be lifted up. Then, shrug your shoulders upwards towards the ceiling and hold them as high as you can while you count to three. Relax your shoulders downwards and then repeat. When you do this exercise, try to do 10 repetitions per set.

Only move onto shoulder shrugs once your neck is feeling flexible again.

#3 Resistance Exercises

You are going to want to use resistance exercise to further fix your brachial plexus injury. You can use your hand for resistance. Turn your head to the side, and then push a little with your hand. Then turn your head to the other side, adding resistance with your hand. Finally, look downward with your head and push down on it. As you do this, hold the position for tent to fifteen seconds. Do each of these three movements ten times each.

Be sure to work with your doctor as well to ensure that you strength your nerves and muscles so that you recover and don't relapse with your brachial plexus injury. Also, be sure to talk to your doctor as well; it is always best to have any physical therapy, even therapy you do alone, approached and supervised by a medical professional, like one at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cincinnati.