3 Reasons Your Teen Should Continue Seeing A Pediatrician

Now that your child is getting older and has reached the teen years, you might think that it's time for him or her to start seeing a regular family doctor rather than a pediatrician. However, for many teens, seeing a pediatrician is a good thing. These are a few reasons why it might not be time to find another doctor for your child just yet.

1. Pediatricians are More Familiar with Teen Issues

Even though a regular family doctor can certainly see and treat your teen for a lot of things, these doctors are usually more accustomed to treating adults. Therefore, they might not be as familiar with puberty and other teen issues. This is something that a pediatrician should be very familiar with, however. Therefore, you might find that your teen will get better care during this potentially challenging time of his or her life.

2. Your Teen Might Already Have a Relationship with the Pediatrician

If your teen is like many, he or she might have seen the same pediatrician for several years now. In fact, he or she might have even seen the same doctor since he or she was a baby. If this is the case, then your teen might have something of a relationship with his or her pediatrician. This means that your son or daughter might feel more comfortable with his or her doctor. Believe it or not, even if your teen has outgrown some of the colorful and childish decor in the pediatrician's office, he or she might not have outgrown his or her doctor.

3. The Pediatrician Knows About Your Teen's Medical History

Your teen's pediatrician probably also knows a lot about his or her medical history. This can make it easier for him or her to provide your teen with the best possible medical care. Even though you can certainly bring your child's medical records to a new doctor, your teen's pediatrician will already know about all of your child's past medical issues and concerns.

As you can see, even though some teens do find that it's a good idea to find a new doctor as they get older, others prefer to continue seeing their pediatrician during their teen years. Of course, this is something that you may want to talk to your teen and his or her doctor about. However, if your teen likes the idea of continuing to see the same doctor, you might find that it's a good idea for these reasons and more.