Five Things to Buy Yourself This Christmas When You Suffer from Back Pain

Whether you are making a wish list or you simply wish to treat yourself to a little gift this holiday season, you should definitely keep your chronic back pain in mind. There are plenty of things that can help with back pain, and new products are constantly being made and invented to help with this, especially once new research has lead to the discovery of some other ways to curb chronic back pain. Here are five specific things that can definitely help you.

  1. Specialized Pillows: Chronic back pain often stems from how you sleep at night. If you are unable to get comfortable, which is challenging if you have back pain when getting into bed, then chances are it's going to be even worse in the morning. After all, you need proper sleep in order for your body to recover and reset itself, but obviously this won't happen if you aren't getting sleep. To help, specialized pillows should be used. This includes wedge-shaped pillows and body pillows that allow you to better adjust your sleeping posture at night. 
  2. Gel Cushions: If you sit often during the day because of work, gel cushions are great because it gives you better padding to support your back. You can even purchase one made for the car, which is ideal especially if you sit in traffic for a good portion of the day. 
  3. An App to Help With Exercise: There are plenty of apps you can purchase to help with back pain. These apps will help you practice exercise techniques that help to adjust and stretch the back in a way that prevents back pain from flaring so easily. It usually has to do with exercises that also bring more attention and focus to posture so that you can be more aware of it during the day and practice better sitting and standing postures that will prevent back pain flare ups. 
  4. Heating Pad: Heating pads are great because they can provide instant pain relief. On top of this, you can find one that comes in the shape and size that you prefer. This is great if you have isolated pain in a specific area. You can purchase a heating pad that can focus right on this area. 

These are just four things that you can put on your wishlist or purchase for yourself as a little treat that can help you on your way to back pain relief. Just be sure that you are also coupling this with visits to your doctor to help actual treat the back pain more directly.