Alternative Uses For Compression Garments

In the world of healthcare products, you have compression socks, compression underwear, compression sleeves, and compression bras. Many of these items are used for post-surgical support and/or to increase blood circulation. However, you may find that some of these garments are especially useful in other, alternative ways.

Calming Children with Autism

Children with autism often refuse human touch. Yet human touch is what calms people and even brings down hypertension. Children on the spectrum get wound up and have outbursts because they refuse hugs and affection. Compression garments can help in this department. The level of compression helps soothe kids with ASD without stressing them out. They receive that deep pressure sensation a hug delivers, without having to struggle against human contact. 

Non-Medicated Pain and Fatigue Relief for Physically Demanding Jobs

If you are on your feet all day or your arms are in constant motion, you may suffer from fatigue and pain in your limbs. Compression garments help alleviate pain and fatigue naturally. You may still feel a little sore or tired at the end of the work day, but the form-fitting garments provide that extra hugging comfort that makes you feel somewhat better. Best of all, you will not have to take quite so many pain relief pills, if any at all.

Retaining Body Heat for Outdoor Activities

Compression garments allow your skin to breathe a little, but for the most part, they retain a lot of heat. People who have a prescription for compression garments report feeling a lot warmer. That is because your trapped body heat has nowhere to go under the tight-fitting garments. You can shovel snow or jog in the freezing cold while wearing these garments and barely feel the bite of the wind on the parts of your body where the compression garments are.

Where to Buy Compression Garments

Most people need a prescription to get compression garments, but then, most people do not shop pharmacies for these items. Local pharmacies sell these garments close to the diabetic supplies aisle. Usually, they will sell the socks and sleeves. If you want or need the compression bras or compression underwear, you may have to purchase them from a home healthcare aids store. Like any product that is available for sale, you may also find exactly what you want and need online, too. With varying modes of compression, you may have to try more than one product to find the ultimate solution.