Simple Things You Can Do To Deal With Pregnancy Discomfort

As your body changes during pregnancy, it can be hard to adjust to the different aches, pains, and differences that come. For example, you might feel muscle aches in places that have never bothered you before. 

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help make pregnancy more comfortable. 

1. See a chiropractor.

Call a few chiropractors in your areas to see if any of them have experience working on pregnant women. Chiropractic care is usually safe for low-risk pregnancies. Your body more easily gets misaligned during pregnancy because of an increase in the hormone relaxin, which allows for your joints to more easily loosen at birth. However, because of the increased relaxin, you can feel uncomfortable, especially as you gain the weight that comes with pregnancy. 

A chiropractor can help adjust your back, hips, and neck so you can be more comfortable. Some chiropractors can even help your baby to turn head down toward the end of pregnancy. 

2. Get a massage.

Massage is also a safe way for a pregnant woman to work out aches and pains. Because your center of gravity changes, you have tight muscles in your back and neck that ache after a day at work or standing up. Massage tables built for pregnant women have a hole cut out for the stomach. Massage helps restore blood flow to tight areas, promoting healing, and working out muscle tightness can improve your sense of wellbeing. You may even be comfortable when you sleep at night. 

3. Invest in a pregnancy pillow.

Sleeping can be challenging for some pregnant women, especially those who are used to sleeping on their back or on their stomach. Side sleeping is recommended for pregnancy, but this position can sometimes bring hip, shoulder, and back pain, especially with a mattress that is not very supportive. Pregnancy pillows are full body pillows that help to take the stress off the hips and shoulders, supporting the weight of belly and giving your back something to rest on when you are feeling discomfort. 

4. Keep exercising and stretching. 

On a daily basis, your body will still need activity. Sticking with your workout routine allows your muscles to stay strong, better supporting the strain of pregnancy on the body. If you take time to stretch, you keep your flexibility. If high-impact activities become too uncomfortable, just take time each day to go for a walk, or swim in your community pool. 

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