Tips For Those Considering Doll Therapy

Therapy dolls can be extremely useful tools for patients that are suffering from a variety of mental health and memory issues, such as dementia and Alzheimer's. While this type of therapy is rapidly increasing in popularity, there are many individuals that may need to review some of the best practices for ensuring that their loved one's experience using doll therapy goes smoothly. Here are a few things you should know before shopping for therapy dolls for sale.

Avoid Pressuring Your Loved One To Use The Doll

When you decide to attempt to try doll therapy with your loved one, you may be tempted to pressure your loved one into using the doll. While it can be common for those with these issues to be stubborn, forcing them to use the doll can be extremely counterproductive and may unnecessarily increase their stress. Rather than coercing the patient into using the doll, you should play with it and care for it in front of your loved one.

Understand The Importance Of Continuity With Therapy Dolls

Therapy dolls can help your loved one by giving them something to focus on so that they can feel useful and needed. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of these dolls can be greatly reduced if they are regularly changed. Rather, you will want to keep a sense of continuity with the therapy dolls that your loved one uses. In instances where it is unavoidable to change out the doll, you must proceed cautiously to avoid damaging the bond your loved one formed with the doll. To this end, the supervising doctor for the doll therapy will be able to help you understand the particular steps that you should take to minimize the potential complications for this task.  

Keep The Doll Clean

Ensuring that your loved one's therapy doll is properly cleaned and sanitized is essential for the patient's long-term health. Many individuals that are suffering from mental or memory problems may also experience physical impurities that could result in weakened immune systems. In order to help protect the patient from secondary infections, you should take the time to clean the doll as thoroughly as possible each month. The exact steps for cleaning the doll will vary based on the materials that are used in it, but you will find that the cleaning and care instructions are available owner's manuals. Once you have cleaned and sanitized the doll, you should make sure that it is given plenty of time to thoroughly dry so that you can avoid encouraging mold and mildew.