3 Ways To Deal With An Injured Ankle

Ankle injuries can be extremely painful and detrimental to your overall quality of life due to the way that they can limit your mobility. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to deal with an injured ankle, such as the three listed below.

Keep Your Weight Off Of It

The main step that you should be taking when trying to deal with a fresh ankle injury is to keep your weight off of it as much as possible. Try to get as much time off of your feet as possible, preferably with your foot and ankle elevated above your heart. The reason for this is that by elevating your foot you can help keep the swelling in the ankle from getting too bad and by staying off your feet you can avoid straining and aggravating an ankle injury.

Additionally, to avoid straining or aggravating an ankle injury, consider utilizing a pair of crutches or some other walking aid to keep your weight off of the injured ankle as much as possible. This is vital because if you put weight on an ankle injury, you could turn it from a minor sprain into a much more serious condition that could require extensive treatment.

Consider Utilizing Compression

You should also consider utilizing compression when dealing with an injured ankle. By utilizing an ankle wrap or ankle brace, you can not only keep the ankle from swelling too much and becoming extremely painful but you can also limit the range of motion. By limiting the range of motion, you can avoid worsening your injury and causing yourself a lot of pain.

See Your Doctor

Finally, the best step that you can take when trying to deal with an injured ankle is to see your doctor. This is very important because you will want to make absolutely sure that your ankle injury is a simple sprain. If you ignore a visit to the doctor and treat your ankle as if it is a basic sprain, there is a chance that you could overlook a more serious issue going on that could result in permanent damage to your ankle.

Contact your doctor today in order to discuss what you can do to deal with an injured ankle and to schedule an appointment to have your ankle looked at if the injury persists or is causing you a lot of pain. Keeping your weight off of an injured ankle, considering utilizing compression, and seeing your doctor are all effective ways of dealing with an injured ankle. To learn more about ankle sports injuries, contact an office like Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, P.C.