Four Things To Know About The Alcohol Detoxification Process

Alcoholism is definitely a dangerous addition and can be lethal. Alcohol drains your body of many of it's natural needs while also loading it with sugar that can kill your liver. However, it's also difficult to quit because the symptoms of withdrawal come quick. This doesn't mean that it's impossible, though. With the right help, you can be well on your way to the road of recovery. Here are four things you should know about alcohol detoxification:

  1. You Need a Treatment Center: Attempting to quit alcohol on your own is nearly impossible simply because of what was stated before; alcohol withdrawal sets in quickly. For this reason, you need a treatment facility to help you through the process. These treatment facilities know how to help a person through the symptoms that will be experienced. You will also be monitored and treated medically should you need it. 
  2. There are Three Stages: There are three stages to withdrawal, which can be handled relatively easily in a facility. For example, the first stage usually happens the first day or the next and this would include symptoms, such as headaches, sweating, and anxiety that will all be curbed with proper medical treatments. The next stage would include symptoms, such as confusion, which tends to lead to the feel of a great deal of anger. Professionals will be able to handle this aggression in a way your family would not be able to. Finally, the third stage would include symptoms, such as a fever and possibly vomiting, or just the overall appearance of being sick. The beginning stages are faster, but the last stage could last for a month or more, which is why a facility is so important since the chances of caving during this stage is extremely likely should you have access to alcohol. 
  3. You Need Help Eating and Drinking: The biggest way a treatment facility handles an alcoholic is by ensuring that during their stay they are eating and drinking enough water to get through each day. This is extremely important at this point since the process of detoxifying from alcohol can make it difficult to eat or drink, which is another reason why caving in is so common. 
  4. You Will Have Psychological Needs: Finally, you are going to have psychological needs at this time, which a treatment facility can provide. This is because there are a wide range of emotions you will experience during the detoxification process and you will need to cope with these properly. At a facility, this can happen without causing potential harm to yourself, friends, or family outside of the facility. 

These are just four things you should know about the alcohol detoxification process. The use of a facility is highly recommended for these reasons, so if you are wanting to gain back control of your life, it's best to find a credited drug detox facility near you.