3 Reasons To Consider A Career As A Social Worker

A career as a social worker is often a good and rewarding career path to consider, typically due to the way that you are helping individuals improve their lives and due to the high demand for social workers. Listed below are just three of the many reasons consider a career as a social worker.

If You Don't Want A Desk Job

A huge reason to consider a career as a social worker is if you really don't want to end up in a job where you are tied to your desk for your entire shift. In most cases, social workers will end up having to take multiple calls a day that will require them to go to see the individuals that they are attempting to help in person, such as by inspecting their living situation or doing a wellness check on a child. Very rarely will a typical social worker have to spend the entire day at their desk.

If You Want A Career With Many Possible Specializations

Additionally, you should consider a career as a social worker because it will allow you to get into a field that has many possible specializations. For example, you could choose to specialize in the type of social work that has you dealing with child welfare and working to keep children out of neglectful or abusive environments. You can also choose to specialize in social work that has you helping individuals with mental illness get the care that they need or the assistance that they need to find a place to live and to afford to live in that place.

If You Want A Job That Makes A Tangible Difference

Finally, you should consider a career as a social worker if you want to be in a field where you can actually make and see a tangible difference. One of the problems with many other career paths is that you often don't get to see the direct impact of the work you do, which can often make it very difficult for you to continue to be motivated and happy to do that work. However, social workers will often be able to see the direct impact that their actions make in the lives of the people that they help, such as by helping a child get out of an abusive home or by helping an individual with mental illness find the assistance that they need.

Speak with a career counselor at your local employment agency or a local university to discuss how to get started on the path to becoming a social worker and to get some assistance with finding employment once you have the appropriate credentials. You should consider a career as a social worker if you don't want a desk job, if you want a career with many possible specializations, and if you want a job that makes a tangible difference in people's lives.