Red Flags: Three Potential Relapse Situations

Getting off opioids is no easy task. Whether it's prescription painkillers or heroin, it takes a tremendous amount of courage for the addict to get to the point where they can admit their lives have become unmanageable. Sadly, many never reach that point. Thankfully, with a lot of hard work, the help of addiction treatment centers like Medical Assisted Wellness, and supportive medications like Suboxone, an addict can get on the road to recovery. Read More 

Loved One Starting To Show Signs Of Dementia? What You Can Do To Help

If someone you care about is starting to display some of the classic symptoms of early dementia, it can cause you to feel somewhat helpless. The individual might have trouble remembering things that they recently did and their personality could also begin to change. If your loved one hasn't received a diagnosis from a medical professional, they may either be unaware of the changes that you notice or be in denial about them. Read More 

How To Slow Down Bone Loss With Postmenopausal Fracture Treatments

Osteoporosis is a serious condition that affects post-menopausal and senior women. Postmenopausal osteoporosis occurs after menopause when there is a sharp drop in your estrogen levels. This results in bone loss inside of your trabecular and cortical bones. Osteoporosis can have a significant impact on your quality of life. You can get a fracture from picking up the newspaper or from lifting a light package. Read on to find out what postmenopausal fracture treatments to use to slow down the rate of bone loss. Read More 

Getting Young Children To Take Medicine: It Is Possible

Think back to when you were a child and chances are you'll remember all the times you simply refused to take medicine. Well, now you're a parent, and it's your turn to try and convince your young child that he or she really needs to take medicine -- and it's your turn to deal with crying and the word "No." But it's not impossible to get your child to take medicine without an argument. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Getting An Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Learning you're going to have a child is sure to be one of the most exciting times in life. You should contact a doctor quickly if you think this is a possibility. One of the first things this professional may want to do is an ultrasound. With affordable portable ultrasound machines, it's common for many physicians to have them. You'll just need to schedule an appointment. Knowing some of the many benefits of having this testing when you're pregnant may be helpful to you in this situation. Read More