The Benefits Of Cannabis Concentrate Pens

These days, there are so many different ways to use cannabis. Many people choose to go with one of the old standbys. They smoke cannabis with a pipe, or they make edibles. These methods have their place, but there is another, newer method of cannabis consumption you might want to consider. Medical cannabis concentrate pens, which allow users to inhale a concentrated, THC-based vapor, are becoming quite common. Here are a few advantages of using one of these pens.

You're inhaling vapor, not smoke.

While inhaling cannabis smoke is nothing like inhaling tobacco smoke, it is still smoke. It's not great for your lungs, and it can be irritating, causing you to cough. When you use a medical cannabis pen, you're not inhaling smoke. Instead, you are inhaling vapor. This is easier on your lungs and may be healthier long-term. If you are someone who uses cannabis regularly, inhaling vapor over smoke can make a huge difference.

You can use the pen discreetly.

If you use cannabis to ease anxiety or pain, there may be times when you want to use it while you're out and about in public. Smoking cannabis in situations like this is not generally appropriate, and sometimes it's not even permitted. Inhaling from a cannabis concentrate pen, however, is easier to do in public. The vapor does not smell as strongly as smoke, and it dissipates quickly. You can step outside for a minute, use your pen, and then re-join the group without smelling like smoke or having disturbed anyone.

You get a more consistent product.

When you smoke cannabis flower, you're never quite sure what you're going to get. Some batches are stronger than others. Some taste good, and others taste bad. Even if you always buy the same strain, there can be quite a lot of variation. With cannabis pens, there's a lot less variety. Most are made according to specific standards. So, you'll be able to better predict how much THC you're getting with each use. This makes it much easier to moderate and control your dose. This can especially be an advantage if you are someone who is very sensitive to THC.

If you benefit from using cannabis, consider switching to a cannabis concentrate pen. It's a lot more convenient and consistent than smoking cannabis flower. Look for pens at your local dispensary, and talk to your budtender if you'd like more information.