Varicose Veins Aren’t Just Cosmetic

Many people avoid wearing shorts or skirts because they are self-conscious about the appearance of their legs. Varicose veins can be unsightly, but they can also contribute to the development of more serious health conditions.

The cosmetic component of varicose veins should take a back seat to the more serious health implications that can come along with these types of veins.

Skin Changes

Varicose veins have the potential to permanently change your skin. The fluid that builds up in the blocked veins can leak out into the surrounding tissue. This leads to swelling of the leg. As the leg swells, the skin can become stretched and ulcerated.

Some people with varicose veins also experience discoloration and a hardening of the skin. Getting vascular surgery to bypass blocked sections of the vein can help you preserve the integrity of your skin.


Another potentially life-threatening problem you might face if you have varicose veins is infection. As swelling increases and the skin becomes stretched thin, ulcerations can open up that expose you to bacteria in the surrounding environment. This bacteria can cause ulcerations to become infected.

Since the swelling won't abate as long as the varicose veins are present, it can be difficult to get the ulcerations to heal. Ongoing infection could spread and become life-threatening. It's better to surgically repair varicose veins before they become so advanced that infection becomes a real threat.

Blood Clots

Varicose veins are a sign of problems within the cardiovascular system. As the veins become blocked, blood can start to clot within them. These clots can cause the leg to feel warmer than normal, and the veins could become hard. This will make them protrude even more.

You also run the risk of developing a clot in one of the deeper veins when you let your varicose veins go untreated. These deeper blood clots can seriously compromise your health. A clot that travels to your heart or lungs could lead to death. If you opt to have surgery sooner than later, you can reduce the risk of blood clots negatively affecting your future.

The idea of surgery can be frightening, but the risks of letting your varicose veins go untreated can be much more frightening. It's not just the effect varicose veins have on your appearance, it's the potential complications these veins can expose you to. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of surgical treatment for your vein problems today.