Tips For Rating And Reviewing Your Family Doctor

In a world in which the reputation of restaurants, hotels, and household products can significantly change based on how people review them online, you may be thinking about rating your health care professional to help prospective patients learn more about him or her. There are numerous medical rating websites that you can sign up for, find your doctor listed, and provide a star rating and a few comments. If you've recently had an interaction with the physician and you wish to rate and comment on it, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

Focus On The Big Topics

It's easy to let small details get in the way of the important ones when you rate and review anything online. When you're thinking about your visit to the doctor's office, think about the big topics — they're what matters most. For example, did you feel satisfied with the level of care and attentiveness? Did the physician spend long enough talking to you? Do you know how to proceed with whatever ailment you're experiencing? These are three major topics that can influence your review. Don't fall into the trap of writing a skewed review because traffic was bad on the way to the clinic and made you late or because a sick child in the waiting room was coughing on you.

Take Some Ownership

Some patients fail to take ownership over their health conditions and may end up writing inaccurate reviews of their doctors as a result. Remember, your doctor may gently remind you about what you need to do for optimal health, and isn't "being mean." For example, if you're overweight and your doctor advised you to lose weight during a previous appointment, but you've actually gained weight since then, the doctor will likely express concern. This concern shouldn't warrant a negative review, as the doctor only has your health in mind and you're responsible for your weight.

Identify Strengths And Weaknesses

Online ratings and reviews of medical staff can really be helpful when you outline a few strengths and weaknesses. Thinking of these topics can also help you to compile a detailed, honest review. List a few strengths, such as the doctor really listens to you and makes you feel heard. Don't be afraid of providing a weakness if one is present, but remember to take ownership. For example, if you feel that the doctor uses too much medical jargon, you should be asking him or her to clarify, rather than being annoyed that you don't understand.