Tips For Men Whose Partners Have Had Breast Augmentation

When you're a man whose sexual partner has recently had her breasts augmented, you'll understandably be excited to see the results. It's important to remember, however, that your wife or girlfriend will need to go through a recovery period after the procedure. During this time, she may be dealing with some discomfort as a result of the surgery, which she can effectively deal with herself. Because of the discomfort, her mind may be anywhere but in the bedroom, so you need to be considerate and avoid pressuring her into sexual activity just because you're excited about the changes to her body. Whenever she is finally ready, here are some tips that you should remember.

Identify The Incisions And Avoid Touching Them

Women who have had their breasts augmented with have one scar on each side of their body. It's important for you to either identify the location of each scar visually or, if there's any doubt, ask about the scars' whereabouts. These scars will either be around the areola, under the breast, or under the armpit on each side, and the location depends on which type of breast augmentation the women requested. Even once the woman is ready to resume sexual activity, these scars may be sensitive. This means that you should be careful to avoid touching them during sex.

Go Gently With Squeezing

After their partner has had her breasts augmented, many men are anxious to squeeze the breasts and play with them. Provided that your partner has indicated to you that doing so is OK, you should avoid squeezing them hard. Even once your partner's sexual drive has returned, the tissues inside each breast can still be a little tender. As with many sexual activities, constantly communicating as to whether your partner enjoys a certain type of touch will help you to avoid squeezing too hard.

Realize That Not Every Position Will Work Just Yet

Unless the woman has waited for an extremely long duration before resuming sexual activity, not every position will work for her. For example, if you both enjoy having her lie on her stomach during sex with you on top of her, the weight of your bodies pushing on her newly augmented breasts may generate a bit of discomfort. Another position to consider is when the woman is on top of her partner. While this position can work, being too vigorous can cause her breasts to bounce too much, which may cause a little discomfort. In time, these potential discomforts will no longer be an issue, but you need to be careful in the interim.

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