Learning How To Cope With Your Loved Ones Alzheimer’s? How To Help Them Adjust To The Holidays

If your loved one has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, the holidays may be a bit stressful. That's because this is a new experience, and everyone will be learning how to adjust to the changes. That doesn't mean that you need to postpone the festivities. However, it does mean that you need to take a few precautionary measures to make sure that your family gatherings are as stress-free as possible for you, your loved one, and the rest of the family.

Prepare Everyone in Advance

When you're the caregiver for your loved one, you're aware of the changes that have been taking place. However, the changes may seem quite drastic, and hard to handle for the family members who have not been around as much. Not only that, but the large gathering of people may be hard for your loved one to adjust to. To avoid stress, it's best that you prepare everyone in advance. Let your family members know about any memory deficits your loved one is experiencing so that they're not shocked when they're greeted like a total stranger. You can also help by showing your loved one pictures of everyone who will be attending. Your loved one might not remember who everyone is, but the pictures will help them recognize the faces that they're being introduced to.

Think Safety When Choosing Gifts

When it comes to choosing gifts for your loved one, it's important to put safety first. Consider things like medic alert bracelets, or GPS tracking devices that your loved one can carry with them. These devices will provide a useful purpose should your loved one wander away from home. It's also a good idea to include easy fasten shoes in your gift-giving plans. Easy fasten shoes will encourage your loved one to keep their shoes on, which is also important if they're prone to wandering away.

Prepare a Safe Space for Your Loved One

When it comes to holidays, the added noise can be stressful for someone with Alzheimer's. To avoid a stressful situation, be sure to prepare a safe place for your loved one before the guests arrive. This should be someplace that your loved one will feel safe and secure should they need to get away from the noise and confusion.

Request Additional Help

When it comes to keeping your loved one safe during the holidays, it's important to request additional help. You might not be able to give your loved one all the comfort and support they need while you have extended family and friends visiting. Speak to a home health care provider about bringing in a home health aid for the holidays.

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